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IslahVoice.com is an audio directory of Islamic Speeches, started with a mission to provide authentic and reliable source for understanding Islam. Internet is an wide media with full of wanted and unwanted data. So presence of an Islamic Database is necessary for enlightening people ranging from Children to Adults. The Website provides speeches which are strictly based on Qur'aan and Sahih Hadeeth. The Scholars listed in website shows you the right path to Heaven by asking themselves and us to strictly follow Thouheed (Monotheism) and Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H) 's Sunnah.

Speeches are categorized in a manner that user can easily search for a subject which he/she is interested in. Also If one needed a Orator's speech in specific he can get it by clicking Orators Icon. Simple Search is set-up so that one can search a specific speech. Speech keywords can be searched in Malayalam or English. If any Speeches you specifically search is not available in database, Request it through Request Speech Link.

Islahi Speeches are published in mp3 form that can be easily downloaded from your mobile phones/computers and can copy to your portable devices.

As a team, we need to provide you best experience technically and ethically to you, So kindly leave your feedback for our future improvements. May Allah accept all our good deeds, and show us the right path. (Aameen)



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